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Forensic Analytical Crime Lab is available to assist clients with case inquiries, discovery review, consultations and limited time-sensitive evidence examinations during this time of COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders.

If you have discovery or evidence you anticipate sending us in the short term, please contact the analyst assisting you so that we can have evidence technicians available to receive it and ensure an intact chain of custody. Our analysts are as accessible and capable of assisting as if we were in the lab, though we are currently working from home.

Forensic Analytical Crime Lab Distinguishes itself with Expertise in Multiple Disciplines

Your case will be reviewed and analyzed by experts in DNA, Criminalistics, and/or Pathology

DNA & Forensic Biology

General Criminalistics, Firearms & Ballistics

Forensic Pathology & Neuropathology

Conducting Criminal and Civil Investigations Since 1982

Law Enforcement • Legal Community
Private Sector • Government and Military

Why Forensic Analytical Crime Lab?

Unique detailed approach among crime labs that gets to the full story and will withstand the highest levels of scientific and legal scrutiny

Forensic Crime Lab

Multi-Disciplined Lab


Independent & Unbiased

Forensic Analytical Crime Lab

Industry Leading Staff

Forensic Analytical Crime Lab

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Forensic Analytical Crime Lab

Strict Specimen Examination

Forensic Analytical Crime Lab

Quick Turnaround Times

DNA Evidence

CODIS Accessibility

Case Reports

Thorough Reporting


FACL has conducted over 150 post-conviction investigations, supporting the convictions in most;
but leading to the exoneration of over 50 wrongly-convicted defendants, including several that had been sentenced to death.

ANAB Accredited

Licensed and accredited in individual states throughout the country

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