Forensic Analytical Crime Lab and its employees are unique in the field of Forensic Science. We are the only independent forensic laboratory in the State of California providing comprehensive consultation, case review, testing and expert witness services in almost every forensic discipline. Our scientists have testified in nearly all of the United States as well as in federal and international courts in such service offerings as:


Forensic Sciences

Forensic Analysis – Identification, Analysis And Interpretation

  • Thorough Evidence Analysis
  • Case Reviews (Reviewing Of Testing Performed By Other Laboratories)
  • Discovery Review
  • Cold Case Review
  • Post-Conviction
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Case-Specific Consultation
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
  • Wound and Injury Interpretation


Complex Cases

A Collaborative, Multi-disciplinary Approach for Complex Case

  • Mixed samples
  • Small samples
  • Old evidence
  • Multiple victims
  • Previously reviewed cases
  • Cases beyond SOPs

“Forensic Analytical Crime Lab’s work has led to the exoneration of over 50 wrongly-convicted defendants including several sentenced to death.”

Court/ Testimony / Deposition Experts

Forensic Analytical Crime Lab Experts Have Advanced Forensic Science Applications in the Court System for Over 20 Years

Providing the Complete Story with In-Depth Science and Accessible Communications

Explaining Scientific Evidence to Attorneys
  • Explaining pathology-related issues and terminology to attorneys
  • Providing relevant visual materials to use in court
  • Monitoring and offering feedback on the testimony of other experts
Additional Trial Support
  • Assist Attorneys with Scientific Issues during Trial Preparation
  • Assist with the Cross Examination of Opposing Experts
  • In-Court Consultation
  • Expert Testimony by Court-Qualified Experts
  • Other Consultation Services include comprehensive case reviews, statistical analysis, and affidavit preparation


Remote Services

Partnering on Complex Criminal and Civil Cases around the Country and Internationally Since 1982

Due to the exceptionally broad scope of our forensic expertise and our ability to handle complex cases, analysts from Forensic Analytical Crime Lab have helped with legal cases around the United States and the World.

Our participation can take a range of forms depending on what your legal team needs. Some common forensic services are providing scientific reports, consulting with your attorneys about the evidence during the pre-trial phase, documenting and analyzing a crime scene, or testifying in-person.